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Art & Design
Bloomerent Bloomerent

The commercial flower industry is a bit weird. Flowers last anywhere from 3-14 days. If you like flowers in your house, the hope is that they really will last up…

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Hello Clue Hello Clue

Clue is the world’s fastest growing period tracking and fertility app. It calculates and foresees users’ periods, fertile windows to get pregnant and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) phases. Available for free…

Year founded
Ida Tin
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Apparel & Fashion

Why do women feel the need to change clothes when we come home? We believe that it is our need to let go of the day and feel free –…

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Anthronica Anthronica

If you’re living with an arthritic condition or trying to recover from joint surgery, you should take a keener interest in Arthronica. It is a digital health tech start-up that…

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FullGreeen FullGreeen

FullGreen is brand behind the world’s first long-life, easy-cook cauliflower rice – a low carb, sensible mealtime alternative to rice, potatoes or pasta. A pack of Cauli Rice is a…

Year founded
Gem Misa
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Wonderbag Wonderbag

One of the hardest and most dangerous things that women in rural parts of Africa experience is gathering the most basic of resources: food, water and biomass for heat. This…

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