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The founding team behind innovative new start-up Playpulse have rediscovered the secret to getting children and adults to exercise more: make it fun – super-fun – for everyone! 

The timing could not be better. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of young people are considered inactive, so finding a way to get these kids moving is of the utmost importance for their mental and physical well-being. But with many adults also struggling to find the motivation and time to exercise too, landing on a solution to the problem is not the simplest of tasks.

This is where the inspiring and talented team at Playpulse come in. They have created an innovative product and turns exercise into a game that both the young and the old will WANT to play.

The product is an exercise bike, instantly recognizable by many lapsed gym-goers as a spinning bike. But when you look a little bit closer you realise it has been expertly adapted so that the bike itself is actually game controller (and what kid doesn’t love those). Exercising on the bike is how you control the game on the screen in front of you. Exercise problem solved. And not only is this a great way to make exercise fun but it is also social entertainment too, with the games encouraging you to play with or against others in a multiplayer setting. Once you are on the bike and playing the game you soon forget that you are exercising at all!

Co-founder Elina Willert reckons that by turning high-intensity training into a fully fledged gaming experience Playpulse has created a movement for better health. We reckon they’ve reinvented the wheel too!

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