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About Us

Hey, you, RETAILER, want to gather good customer data? Want to improve customer satisfaction? Want to increase sales from loyal customers? Want to convert in-store visitors to regular buyers? Of course you do.

Well, forget about tedious customer satisfaction surveys and those pointless mystery shopping games. What you need is a new dimension in feedback that enables you to better understand your customers and thus grow your business.

That new service is Bobly. This is a simple screen-based solution that enables customer and visitors to deliver feed-back in-store – there and then – while the whole shopping experience is foremost in their minds. It’s a clever, gamified software solution that easily entices responses from shoppers. Feedback is engaging, entertaining and instant!

According to the group, Bobly produces 50-times more operational feedback from customers, providing in-store feedback to managers with simple to understand dashboards and tools. These enable you, as the retail manager or owner, to take action. It helps you identify happy and unhappy customers. It can provide a boost to any loyalty scheme you currently run, enabling you to motivate people to sign-up. It even connects you to visitors who did not purchase anything.

Everything is geared towards enabling retailers to improve the experience of shopping and producing a significant lift in revenue. The group claims the system is ‘The missing link’ between retailers and customers. They might be right.

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