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Artificial Intelligance
Aclima Aclima

Aclima delivers hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions data and insights to improve human and planetary health. Corporate ambitions and company goals just don’t get much better than this. Through…

Year founded
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Art & Design
Pixc Pixc

Pixc is an innovative photo-editing service that everyone who trades online should think about using. Simply put, it enables internet retailers to turn bog-standard photographs and images into awesome ones,…

Year founded
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Eve Medical Eve Medical

When it comes to cervical cancer screening one thing is common knowledge among women – it isn’t a comfortable experience. Many women put it off for as long as possible…

Year founded
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No Isolation No Isolation

No Isolation is a Norwegian startup looking to end loneliness through the power of technology. Ending loneliness is a massive undertaking but No Isolation have no hesitation taking a leap…

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Medical Device
Siren Siren

As any doctor or health professional will tell you, prevention really is the best medicine. The business idea at Siren is based around this simple truth. Siren produces smart foot…

Year founded
Ran Ma
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Sunfed Meats Sunfed Meats

Plant-based protein that tastes, feels and smell like the real thing? Sunfed meats may have just cracked the recipe to make carnivores enjoy both the meats they love and feel…

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