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About Us

No Isolation is a Norwegian startup looking to end loneliness through the power of technology.

Ending loneliness is a massive undertaking but No Isolation have no hesitation taking a leap in the right direction. They’ve started with a distinct and overlooked group: sick children.

In Europe alone more than 500,000 children with long-term illness are unable to attend school for extended periods of time. This impacts negatively on educational progress, drastically reduces their circle of friends and leaves them with difficulties adjusting to social norms.

No Isolation’s AV1 is a pioneering product being used across a range of different countries in Europe. Reports from Breda municipality in the Netherlands, which has tested AV1 with children with various diagnoses, concluded that one highly sensitive student was gradually integrated back into regular education because of  the product.

No Isolation is tackling elderly lonliness as well (a major priority in many countries due to ageing populations and record levels of elderly loneliness). KOMP is a revolutionary piece of kit that requires no prior digital skills from the users, and allows digital children and grandchildren to share photos, messages and make video calls to their analogue grandparents.

Speaking to the Guardian, co-founder Karen Dolva said of human lonliness: “It’s a problem we’ve dedicated our lives to, it’s what we’re going to be doing for the next 50 years.”

Its hard not to be moved by these words.

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