Karen Dolva

Karen Dolva

Co Founder & CEO of No Isolation
Oslo, Norway
Mini Bio

Karen is an entrepreneur and UX/interaction designer. She has startup experience from StartupLab, a tech-incubator in Oslo, and from co-founding a consultancy company, UX Lab, which aims to help companies with usability testing and interaction design. She recently made Forbes’ Top 50 Women in Tech list, as a 30 under 30 alumni.

She is passionate about warm technology, usability, design-for-good and communication.

Over the past few years, she has been featured by BBC, Reuters, Finacial Times and Bloomberg, amongst others. She has held two TEDx presentations and won the EU Commission price for Rising Innovator.

And why all these garlands? Well, her business is called No Isolation, a venture which fights against lonliness and social exclusion in all its forms.

One of its products is called Komp, a cool little bit of technology for people who did not grow up with technology. This screen based gadget requires no prior digital skills from the users, and allows digital children and grandchildren to share photos, messages and make video calls to their analogue grandparents.

The other product Karen is famous for is AV1, a smart, funny looking robot that speaks, listens and sees. When a pupil can’t attend class, AV1 takes their place. AV1 is the distance learning avatar that makes it possible for children and young adults with long-term illness to take part at school via an app on their phone or tablet.

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Women In Tech: Karen Dolva From “No Isolation”
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Norway 2019 - Mar 7, 2019
Women In Tech: Karen Dolva From “No Isolation”

Norway Health Tech is a non-for-profit member organization and the largest health technology cluster in Norway. Many of the members are firms founded by women. "No Isolation" is one of these firms and is founded by Karen Dolva.

Written by: Norway Health Tech
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