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About Us

Aclima delivers hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions data and insights to improve human and planetary health. Corporate ambitions and company goals just don’t get much better than this.

Through years of R&D, they have pioneered a scalable air-quality mapping platform that combines leading-edge sensor technology, climate science, and machine learning to generate high-resolution maps across the most important pollutants — from CO2 and methane to particulate matter.

This new granular view of emissions enables the powers that be in the management of air pollution and fugitive emissions, at unprecedented ‘block-by-block’ resolution.

Aclima gives governments, companies, researchers, and the general public new tools for understanding and improving their environments. With this new layer of Environmental Intelligence, Aclima makes the invisible visible, empowering action at both the local and global level.

The future requires great tech, bold plans and people who care. Aclima has all three.

  • Air Pollution
  • Air Quality
  • Climate Emission
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