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About Us

Businesses that are inspired by the everyday experiences of women are often destined to succeed. Cobbler’s Suggest is one such business.

It is a thriving shoe repair operation that came about because entrepreneur Claire Yan was frustrated at being unable to find a simple repair service each time she damaged her heels in Shanghai. Put simply, the sky-high rents of the shiny new shopping malls had put many of the old-school neighbourhood repair stations out of business. Adding to the problem was the rapid rise of a consumerist culture. ‘New’ was deemed more valuable than ‘repaired’ or ‘restored’.

To fight against this culture – and to ensure that her high-end Jimmy Choo shoes lived to walk another day – Clair started an old-fashioned repair business with a thoroughly modern twist. Whatever the problem (broken heel wrap, torn-up vamp, severed sole, ugly scratches) her thriving band of experts will have your shoes looking good as new. They’ll even change the colour if you’re tired of the original on your Roger Vivier flats.

The entire service is online. You just register on the site, fill-out a description of what needs repairing, and click a few buttons. Cobbler’s Suggest picks up the shoes and takes them to its state-of-the-art facilities where skilled craftsperson get to work.  When they’re done, they deliver them to your door.

As your might have guessed, Cobbler’s Suggest focuses on high-end, high-fashion brands. But it’s also true to say that the business is safeguarding a key handcraft for the new Chinese generation – and preventing its customers adding to the growing mass of commercial waste that ends-up in Chinese landfill sites.

A handbag repair service is also available.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fashion
  • Ready-to-Wear
  • shoe repair
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