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Easysize was founded in 2014 with the express wish to reduce unnecessary returns in fashion. This is a serious issue. Nearly 20–25% of fashion items bought online are returned and globally the industry spends around $63 billion per year handling returns. This gigantic figure is troubling, but the resources wasted in the process is what is truly shocking – think of all the wool, cotton, silk, water, plastic, paper used…and then contemplate the car miles, ship miles and air miles. This is an environmental mistake of the highest order.

To help the industry get greener, use less resources and save a bit more money, Easysize has developed an online platform that helps retailers detect when buyers make mistakes – or when they exploit return policies.

The group admits that some returns are absolutely necessary in the online fashion industry, but it wants to put an end to laziness and sneakiness. It targets the following customers:

Sneaky buy-to-rentners: Shoppers who order an item to wear it for a special occasion. These lovely people save the tags, and then send the item back after they have worn it (claiming a full refund!)
Crafty Resellers: These are customers who buy dozens or hundreds of items at a discount, resell some (at a profit!) and return the rest.
Wrong size: Sizes differ dramatically between brands, making it hard for shoppers to choose the right size when buying online. We’ve all done this, and we’d all no-doubt like help to shop better.

The Easysize platform is powered by bid data and an artificial intelligence. An AI algorithm analyses every cart placed in an online store and alerts shops if the cart has a high risk of being returned. It helps educate shoppers, corrects their mistakes and prevents unnecessary returns from happening.

Easysize, which works with large online shops across Europe and Asia, says its system helps decrease returns by 15-25%. Now that’s a lot of CO2 saved!

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