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About Us

We love Flexfit.

It is breaking all the taboos associated with periods and menstruation.

It is focused on combating many medical problems associated with periods.

Lastly, it is hard-wired to setting women free.

To do all of this, it has produced two state-of the-art products (the Flex Cup and the Flex Disc) and it reckons that between them you can find the right one for your body AND your lifestyle.

Need a product that gives you protection for up to 12 hours? You got it.

Want to avoid cramps, dryness, infections? Flex can help.

Need something that is easier to use than a tampon (and much more comfortable)? Yep, they’ve thought of that too.

Want to enjoy mess-free sex during your period? The Flex Disc is exactly what you need.

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