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About Us

There is always a market for beautiful items in the home and there is nothing quite as beautiful as an object that has been uniquely made with the care and skill that only talented, mindful artists possess.

Sophie, the founder and artist behind Grain & Knot, is one such talent. After graduating from the Manchester School Of Art she found herself working in London as a trend forecaster. However, she hadn’t lost her passion for art nor her desire for artistic expression. It was on a wonderful bush-craft course that she discovered a love and a talent for spoon carving. When the course was complete, she lost no time in learning more about woodcarving and woodcraft.

Friends and family members were delighted with the initial creations she gifted to them and she soon made steps towards setting up her own business and studio.

Grain & Knot is now an exclusive artisan business selling Sophie’s own creations – a delightful mix of interior items such as vases and wooden boards and spoons and brushes that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each piece is unique and uses the grain and beauty of the natural wood to define the shape and feel. Grain & Knot is a design brand to watch for in the future as Sophie goes from strength to strength.

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