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  • Year founded2015
  • FounderInbar Carmel
  • Globally spotted by Babou Olengha-Aaby
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About Us

Infimé provides a virtual fitting room for apparel and swimwear retailers and e-commerce platforms, offering consumers a more personalized online-shopping experience.

Using Infimé’s AI-based technology, retailers can offer lingerie and swimwear buyers an interactive and private fitting experience online.

They help consumers find the perfect fit and look for their body, by enabling shoppers to simulate trying on the garment through a look-alike avatar with the same body shape. This is done by allowing online-shoppers to create a personal 3D avatar by entering their body measurements and see how garments fit them. Shoppers therefore gain more confidence in their purchase, which means more sales and less returns for retailers.

Infimé is creating a new standard in digital shopping experience, by helping women everywhere find their perfect fit while solving the online fitting problem.

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