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Can technology from a dirty industry like oil exploration help skiers and local authorities save lives? Yes, of course it can.

For the last 40 years a large portion of the Norwegian economy has been based around oil and gas. The vision of Think Outside is to find new markets and applications for oil technology, and in turn help the country transition to a post-oil economy.

Think Outside designs products that capture, analyse and forecast insights on snow for hydropower, water supply management and research. These organisations need to know what sort of snow is out there, what is happening to it, and what the consequences are for their operations.

The whole shebang probably sounds a bit abstract to normal people like you and me. However, Think Outside has produced a portable radar solution for skiers who love the backcountry. It gives them real time avalanche risk estimation. This could save lives.

The Norwegian Research Council, keen to support the high-end sensor, optics and machine learning tech involved, has given the group a $1.2m grant.

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