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Thinx likes to think of itself as a company at the vanguard of the women’s liberation movement. Why? Because it provides period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you dry. Because it is passionate about promoting discussion around one of the most natural processes in women’s lives that many still find taboo.

The product itself is amazing and the problem it is solving is massive. Think about it – over 100 million girls miss school around world because of problems with their period. In the US alone, 80% of American women have had accidents during their period and express anxiety about their period. Introducing period proof underwear is a smart solution to a fundamental problem.

And the Thinx solution is kinda smart. It keeps you feeling dry, which is what you really want. It’s microbial, so it eliminates bacteria. It holds up to two tampons’ worth of period and, as mentioned, it’s leak resistant!

You can choose to supplement your tampon or menstrual cup with Thinx or use it by itself.

What this all adds up to is choice and freedom. Thinx is bringing innovation back to menstrual hygiene products long forgotten by the rest of us.

Lastly, a word on social responsibility. Thinx is serious about this issue. It has wonderful collaboration with AFRIpads, a venture that distributes cost-effective reusable sanitary napkins in Uganda. For every Thinx panty sold, the company will donate an AFRIpad pack to a female in a country where women support.

Period woes have truly met their match!

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