Betina Hein

Betina Hein

Founder and Board Member of Pixability
Boston, USA
Mini Bio

Serial technology/software entrepreneur. Founder of HelloYellow, Pixability and Co-Founder of SVOX. Mom. Militant Grammarian. WEF Young Global Leader.

I’ve just started working on my third software startup HelloYellow. In 2008 I founded Pixability out of MIT with the mission to use video’s unique ability to tell stories. Pixability’s video advertising software helps media professionals reach and engage their audiences across an ever-growing list of premium video platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify and more. Before Pixability, I co-founded SVOX AG, the Swiss-based speech technology software company that Nuance Communications (NUAN) acquired for $125 million. SVOX’s technology is now in Google Translate, every Android phone and most premium car navigation systems in the world.

Common ways to misspell my name: Betina Hein, Betina Hien, Patina Hein, Batina Hein, Bettina Heinz, Bettina Hynes, Bretina Heiner, Petunia Heim (okay, that one’s a little more rare).

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