Christine Corkery Steinsholt

Christine Corkery Steinsholt

Founder & CEO of Listfully
Oslo, Norway
Mini Bio

Conversations with Christine Corkery Steinsholt are an absolute joy.

She is open and honest, funny and entertaining, and boasts a light-touch inquisitiveness that is disarming and effective. She’s also a brilliant listener, a skill that is increasingly rare in our loud, opinionated, ‘always-on’ digitised world. And should you ask for a bit of guidance on something pertinent, she is full of insightful advice that is uncluttered by prejudice or arrogance.

After only a few minutes, you grasp very quickly why she’s risen to the upper echelons of the communications industry in Norway (and beyond). She previously worked as a director at the Oslo office of BCW, the global communications venture. Prior to that, from 2012 to 2016, she was a senior associate and manager at Burson-Marsteller Oslo, an ambitious comms firm that was instrumental in installing Christine as the acting Head of Communications for Accenture from 2015 to 2016. If you go further back, you will discover that she held down roles at Artell Kommunikasjon and at Nor PR.

That she’s come to thrive in Norway, after arriving from Boston USA in 2005, is even more laudable when you realise she’s succeeded whilst bringing up her child as a de-facto single-mother in a place where she did not initially speak the language or understand the culture.

It all speaks to her copious reserves of tenacity and resolve.

The short impressive biography above is not the only reason why we’re interested in Christine. For in amongst everything else, she’s achieved over the past few years, sits Listfully. The company and app of the same name which she founded in 2017.

Listfully is a thoughtfully-created app offering the most beautifully simple solution to the challenge of gift-giving and receiving. On Listfully, you can log on and create ‘a personalized list of anything you’d like to receive as a gift. You can then share that list with family and friends’. The idea of a gift list has, of course, been around forever. But Listfully provides the user with total freedom to list anything, from anywhere, both online and offline. Christine revealed that she got the idea for the business whilst struggling to co-ordinate gift buying for her Mum back in the States. It was the perfect way to solve long-distance present buying for family and friends.

She also realised that it could be a force for good.  6 out of 10 gifts are returned or exchanged and over 2 million tons of returned goods are sent to landfills each year. Listfully is on a mission to change that. Driving positive environmental impact by allowing consumers to compile gift lists thoughtfully and consciously – supporting local businesses, emerging artists, ethical brands or a charity.

Christine believes gifts aren’t just ‘about buying things – they’re about relationships, emotions, the important people in your life. Listfully enables you to respect those things’.

At present, the Listfully site is adding users every day. Over 400-stores across the globe have already opted to install the Listfully website plug-in to offer the service to their customers. She has struck a deal with Shopify and further deals are pending to ‘match people with the gifts they want and things they love’.

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Christine Var Lei Av Å Bytte Gaver Som Ikke Passet – Laget Ønskeliste-app

Da Christine Steinsholt flyttet til Tønsberg sammen med sønnen i 2005, ville gjerne besteforeldrene i Boston i USA sende gaver til de to. Men mange av gavene passet ikke helt, og de var vanskelig å bytte. Det var da Christine fikk en strålende idé.

Written by: Per Gilding
Christine Corkery Steinsholt

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