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Food catering

Jessica Legge

Co-Founder of Sifted
Atlanta, USA
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Independence, freedom and ambition are the words that come to mind whenever anyone talks about Jess Legge (and her business partner and co-founder Kimberly Lexow).

Kimberly and Jessica have built one of the fastest-growing catering businesses in the US – its called Sifted – by reimagining the office lunch. It delivers chef-made, hand-delivered lunch experiences for fast-growth and culture-centric. It has succeeded by conjuring up amazing menus and spreads for the likes of Eventbrite, Google, and Lyft (no name but three of their impressive clients).

What’s amazing about Sift is that Jessica wanted to create a business that would generate revenues and profits as fast as possible. The business was boot-strapped and because they were catering to the corporate lunch sector – income generating from day one.

This meant that they didn’t have to worry about power-point presentations, outside investors, or any of the other challenges many start-ups face. As Jessica is fond of saying“When we started the company, we wanted the business to be highly personal [and this is] exactly the vision that we had.”

In 2019, Sifted was #187 on the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies list and Sifted was the 7th fastest growing food and beverage company in US. 

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