Merete Nygaard

Merete Nygaard

Founder & CEO of Lawbotics
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Merete is a lawyer turned entrepreneur – with her heart in innovation. After nearly a decade working with world-renowned law firms and having tech firms, brand-owners and entrepreneurs as clients, she decided to jump off the beaten track and join the entrepreneurial world by starting her own legal tech company – Lawbotics.

Merete’s dream is to disrupt her own conservative field of business and inspire the next generation of tech-savvy legal professionals. As part of her mission, she started Oslo Legal Tech Meetup in August 2016, to create a community of people interested in the intersection of law and technology.

Today, this community has over a thousand members who attend regular meet-ups covering topics such as ‘how to innovate in a conservative field of business’ and ‘what are the application areas for AI in the legal sector’. These meet-ups are a melting pot of potential future technological advancements in the legal sector.

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Merete Nygaard (34) Lanserer «» For Advokattjenester
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e24 - Sep 10, 2019
Merete Nygaard (34) Lanserer «» For Advokattjenester

The entrepreneur quit his job as a business lawyer to develop a marketplace for automated legal services. Now it is ready after two years of work.

Written by: Anders Nybakken Kvale
Merete Nygaard

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