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My Le Goel

Founder & CEO of Flightlive Fitness
Seattle, USA
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My Le is the founder & CEO of Flight Live – an interactive mobile platform and marketplace connecting users with elite personal fitness trainers and coaches in the US for live training sessions anywhere, anytime. From an early young, My Le has been an avid fitness fan. At school, she took up ballet, soccer and field hockey and continued her fitness pursuit as a coxswain for her college crew team. This passion for fitness fueled the idea of Flight Live, which she states she founded “for everyone who wants to be stronger, healthier and happier now and as they age”.

Prior to her foray into entrepreneurship My Le harnessed more than 20 years of leadership experience within marketing & communications, scientific research and global impact development. She has lent her talents to large corporations and government entities alike, holding a number of senior leadership roles.

She received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and her graduate degree from Harvard University. Originally from Vietnam, she’s a former geoscientist from the Smithsonian and previously worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in a senior capacity where she directed $10 million in portfolio grants, consulted on investments, built partnerships and stewarded engagements with multilateral and bilateral organizations including WHO, UN agencies, The World Bank, OPIC, USAID, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and UNICEF.

Those who have worked with My Le, describe her as a thoughtful, collaborative, results-driven, detail-oriented, organized, highly-driven strategic thinker. What more could we possibly add.

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Flight Live Matches Users With Trainers For Online, On-demand Personal Workouts
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News Break - Jan 16, 2020
Flight Live Matches Users With Trainers For Online, On-demand Personal Workouts

When it comes to exercising, motivation can be the toughest hurdle for many people. At least that was true for My Le Goel.“I am, by my own accounts, a lazy person when it comes to exercising and I don’t really love doing it,” Goel said. But she was seeing her health decline and wanted to get into better shape despite her already packed schedule.

Written by: Lisa Stiffler
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