Patricia Scanlon

Patricia Scanlon

Founder & CEO of SoapboxLabs
Dublin, Ireland
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Patricia is founder and CEO of SoapBox Labs, a company building voice vechnology for kids. Patricia has over 20 years-experience in speech recognition technology and machine learning systems with the majority of her career working on the commercialisation of research innovations. She has held positions with Columbia University in New York and IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre. She has been the Adjunct Lecturer for Trinity College Dublin and a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs. Thus far, all her work in R&D has yielded 3 granted patents, 3 patents pending, 21 International Peer-reviewed Journals and Conference papers, and 400 citations to date. She is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
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Patricia Scanlon’s Soapbox Labs Tech Speaks Louder Than Words
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The Times - May 3, 2020
Patricia Scanlon’s Soapbox Labs Tech Speaks Louder Than Words

Patricia Scanlon clearly wouldn’t put herself in the cohort of tech entrepreneurs who lose sleep about raising investment from grasping venture capitalists. SoapBox Labs, the speech recognition technology company she founded in 2013, has just landed $6.5m (€6m) in series A funding, but she shrugs off the achievement.

Written by: Gavin Daly
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