Talor Browne

Talor Browne

Founder & CEO of Talor Made
Oslo, Norway
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The problem with some coffee bars is that the coffee is bland and the pastries are terrible. The problem the other coffee bars (those that have good coffee) is that the baristas and the owners are a bit too cool for school. These outlets often lack friendliness, an atmosphere of ease and an ability to make you relax.

Oslo-based Talor Made gets around these problems by sourcing, grinding and serving coffee that is superlative – some might say even world class. And they serve it to you with a smile, a sense of fun and in an atmosphere of inclusiveness. You feel special buying and drinking it. How’s that for a trick?

They also serve donuts. Not your average donuts. Donuts made by a pastry chef that has studied long and hard across a couple of continents. Talor Made produce donuts that look like art and taste like heaven.

If you want to have the Talor Made experience in the comfort of your own home, you can go online and get it delivered. Alternatively, speak the good people in the shop.

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Donutgründer Talor Browne Satser På Nytt: – Føler Meg Som Fugl Føniks
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Godt - Feb 9, 2019
Donutgründer Talor Browne Satser På Nytt: – Føler Meg Som Fugl Føniks

Den tidligere Talor & Jørgen-medeieren teamer opp med Åpent Bakeri, og skal produsere enda flere donuts enn før.

Written by: Toini Thanem
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