Ursula Lavrencic

Ursula Lavrencic

Co Founder & CEO of Kobi App
Komen, Slovenia
Mini Bio

Ursula Lavrenčič is the co-founder of Hopalai, the start-up behind the learning tool Kobi. She came up with the idea when she became aware of dyslexia from close by, as her daughter was coping with it. She is a creative thinker with the ability to see things in their biggest context. Children who experience reading difficulties like dyslexia end up being frustrated and stressed. Which is exactly why they created KOBI, an app for dyslexia that helps children to read. Kobi helps children with the decoding element of reading.

The personalised reading form with coloured letters instantly improves readability, resulting in a better reading rate and accuracy. Success motivates children to read more and more, which leads to fluent reading and better comprehension.

The British Dyslexia Association recognised Kobi as a valid tool in the battle against dyslexia and awarded the app a place in their coveted ‘Assured’ programme. Kobi is also the first mobile app focused on supporting reading practice to be accepted into the Assured programmeWhat follows is a very informative interview with Ursula Lavrenčič, co-founder of Hopalai, the start-up behind Kobi.

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