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As she was growing up, Yelitsa Jean Charles was one of many girls who didn’t feel that they matched the ideal beauty stereotypes portrayed through toys, clothes and the media. This is the reason she set out to fight for the right of every child to grow up unashamed of their looks, their skin colour or their beautiful curly hair.

Yelitsa took the world by storm after appearing in a TedX talk about how black women can be empowered and change the world. An inspiration to many even at this early stage, she then took an idea she had in art school where she created a black version of Rapunzel with curly hair. She turned this idea into her business – Health Roots Dolls. This venture creates dolls that aren’t just a cookie cutter doll painted brown, but toys that actually reflect African American women and their unique body and hair types.

Her business is proving to be an inspiration to girls the world over. Finally – finallly – a doll for kids that is representative, inclusive and educational. These dolls not only empower girls, they also help to teach these girls to be proud of their curly hair and how to care for it.

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While Discussing Hate, The Internet Falls In Love With A Little Doll Named Zoe
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Forbes - Jun 9, 2020
While Discussing Hate, The Internet Falls In Love With A Little Doll Named Zoe

Yelitsa Jean-Charles fired off the fateful tweet this past weekend from an unsuspecting place: an air mattress on the floor of her recently acquired—and not yet completely furnished—Detroit apartment.

Written by: Abram Brown
Yelitsa Jean-Charles

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