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About Us

If you ask a person who has had a couple of kids how active their sex life is, you’re likely to meet a wall of sarcastic laughter. That’s just life.

But the people of Gilly reckon sexual wellness and intimacy is just like any other area of well-being. It must evolve. It needs personal attention. It demands thought. It requires emotional investment.

And so, they’ve created an intimacy wellness app that helps you take easy-to-manage, natural steps towards deepening the intimacy and desire in your relationship.

The goal for you is to fully understand the way you connect and experience pleasure with yourself and (an)other(s).

The App is not here to tell you how sex should be. Or what pleasure should look like to you and your partner(s). You are the centre of the focus. You are the expert of your body, your sexuality and your relationship.

Gilly just want to help you and your partner uncover the adventures that you can go on next and enjoy a meaningful connection, daily – your way.

The App offers a free trial. It could be the start of a wonderful journey.

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