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About Us

Meat has become an increasingly problematic source of protein, vitamins, and minerals for Planet Earth. It is the cause of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Forests are destroyed to make space for animals to roam or for food these animals must eat. The medicines demanded by famers causes pollution and alarm. And that’s before we get to the slaughterhouses, processing, and packaging supply chains.

Food scientists and all manner of experts have been debating and searching for alternatives ever since they became aware of these issues.

The entrepreneurial team at Gourmet Grubb might just have the answer. And the answer is insects

Insects have long been eaten on a regular basis by 2 billion people around the world and for good reason. They are high in protein and nutrients and make a fantastic food source that is both good for you and sustainable.

Gourmet Grubb is a South African company comprising a food scientist, a supply chain expert and a brand manager who all believe in the future of insects as a viable food source. Together they have created a line of insect-based products. The most high-profile is called Entomilk. It is higher in protein than dairy milk and is comparable to red meat in its supply of nutrients. If that wasn’t enough to get you to try it, they have created an ice cream made from Entomilk and raw honey. Which is lactose free!

Milk and ice-cream are just the start. The long and the short of it is that Gourmet Grubb have set out to revolutionise the way we all think about food and how our food is sourced. They want to sustainably help the planet by providing viable solutions. They are on to a great thing.

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