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Caring for a loved one or being involved in the care of someone with a life limiting disability or illness can be a difficult time. It’s a tremendous human journey that can be emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging.

One of the tasks that is often downgraded in importance during routine care is the tracking and sharing of personal information about a patient or loved one. Yet, the benefits of being able to immediately share key information between patients, their loved ones and medical professionals should never be underestimated. A person’s medical history and current medical needs are obvious crucial, but their individual likes, dislikes, behavioural patterns, nickname, unique life story and other nuggets of intelligence are equally crucial. They can transform the way someone in care is treated. They can make the care received more intimate, personal, and appropriate.

This is why Jodacare was formed by Kristil Erla Håland. She discovered that the need for such an info-sharing system when her mother was diagnosed with dementia. Kristil found she needed a way to keep track of her mother’s daily needs because her mother could no longer remember basic tasks – such as whether she had eaten or whether someone had visited– and could no longer share much about herself as a person to those she was in contact with. Using her own experiences Kristil developed the Jodacare app system. This information system – which includes data, videos, pictures, and a daily calendar – keeps call caregivers in the loop about everything that matters to the person under their care.

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