Kristil Erla Håland

Kristil Erla Håland

Founder of JodaCare
Asker, Norway
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Kristil Erla Håland combines compassion, entrepreneurship and boundless optimism in her business approach – exactly the right rollcall of skills that has enabled Jodacare to thrive in the health sector.

She founded Jodacare after the personal experience and insights gained from helping her mother live with dementia. When her mother was diagnosed, Kristil had a mission to improve the communication. To do this, Kristil developed a clever platform that allows healthcare workers to communicate better with those that they look after, and to vastly improve the lines of communications between health workers and the relatives of the patients. It sounds quite simple, but the product required deep emotional intelligence, sound knowledge of what it is actually like to live with the condition and the commercial nous to make it a success. It should also be added that navigating privacy laws, patient health regulations and hospitals data protocols is never easy.

Over the past few years Jodacare has expanded to multiple municipalities across Norway while the product has been adapted to embrace many more conditions than just dementia.

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Da Moren Ble Dement, Fikk Kristil En Idé
Newest Features - Apr 3, 2019
Da Moren Ble Dement, Fikk Kristil En Idé

I samarbeid med gründer Kristil Erla Håland er Sintef i ferd med å utvikle en app som fungerer som en slags forenklet versjon av Facebook for personer med psykisk utviklingshemming og demens.

Written by: Lisbet Jære
Kristil Erla Håland

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