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About Us

Poast Design makes beautiful art and home-decor items, each of which has been crafted by an exceptional talent. 

That talent is Laurie Poast, although she is more than just an artist. She had the foresight to combine an education in studio-art with business administration. This has given her all the skills she required to create beautiful art, set-up a business to sell the products, and the networking skills to ensure she hits the right target market. Independence and innovation have never looked so chic. 

One major theme and profitable avenue for Laurie Post is minimalism. This is becoming increasingly popular as a lifestyle and as an aspiration for many. Millennials are driving this growing trend with more than 70% stating they prefer to spend their money on experiences (Forbes). Buying art and design is one such ‘experience’, indeed there is a definite trend of people ensuring their homes are filled with fewer objects – but objects which are of a higher quality and purpose. If you are in the market for something that will bring you joy, and maybe provide a practical purpose too, there is no better time to sign-in at Laurie’s site. 

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