Laurie Poast

Laurie Poast

Product Designer of Poast Design
Bergen, Norway
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Laurie Poast Atelier designs and makes beautiful art and home-decor items, each of which has been crafted by an exceptional talent. 

That talent is Laurie herself, although she is more than just an artist. She had the foresight to combine an education in studio-art with business administration. This has given her all the skills she required to create beautiful art, set-up a business to sell the products, and the networking skills to ensure she hits the right target market. Independence and innovation have never looked so chic. 

Speaker experience
Laurie Poast – Spennende Designer Bosatt i Bergen
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Kjetil Bjørnberg - Oct 27, 2016
Laurie Poast – Spennende Designer Bosatt i Bergen

Laurie Poast er en norsk-amerikansk designer og kunster. Hun er for tiden bosatt i Bergen.

Written by: Kjetil Bjørnberg
Laurie Poast

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