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This is what Natural Cycles say about themeselves: ‘We have developed the only digital method of birth control cleared by regulators both in the US and in Europe. Effective, natural, and backed by clinical research’. These are bold claims, but they’re totally true and pretty much what you would expect from founders Elina and Raoul Berglund, a married couple with impressive backgrounds in particle physics.

When they first started to consider starting a family they searched for natural birth control and ways to track fertility. Through her own research Elina created an algorithm to analyze body temperature and take into account variables such as ovulation, sperm survival rates and cycle length variations. This research has now been turned into an app to help other couples track their natural fertility cycle both to help naturally prevent pregnancy and plan for it!

The competition should be worried. Oral contraceptive methods have a 91% typical effectiveness rate meaning that 9 women out of 100 will fall pregnant (NHS). The Natural Cycles technique and app has a 93% typical effectiveness rate. Women can take control over their own bodies, make their own life choices and avoid unnecessary chemical substances in the process.

PS: Did we forget to mention that Elina was part of the team at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) who discovered the Higgs Boson particle? No, of course not!

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