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About Us

Scout & Cellar have a collection of wines that are curated with love, care,  and, above all, attention to both the process and the ingredients.

This is what makes their wine a must-have for any dinner party.

CEO of Scout & Cellar, Sarah Shadonix, passionately believes that wine should be free of any and all cruel chemicals and should be created with conscious care. This is why all the wines at Scout & Cellar are embossed with the clean-crafted promise.

But how do they know that there will not be any hidden pesticides or chemical additives lurking in the wine-making process? That’s easy to answer – they subject their wine to two rounds of lab testing to ensure there is absolutely no trace of any of this stuff. This leaves just pure, natural wine that tastes as good as it feels. The wines that don’t pass the test are those infused with additives to boost shelf life, flavor and sameness. In short, they’re barely wines at all – they’re chemical cocktails!

The wines sold by Scout & Cellar are sourced from all over the world. As well as the checks and balances listed above, Sarah ensures that the overall farming processes and production practices of each vineyard is up to scratch.

There’s only one way to celebrate such an organic and holistic approach – you’ve guess it, cheers!

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