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About Us

Picking through racks of produce to find “beautiful” fruit or veg has become a THING – with no real reason to justify it on any grounds you care to think about.

Snobbish consumers aren’t the only ones guilty in this game. Grocers throw away produce for being too big, too small, too ugly, or simply too abundant.

This kind of waste should make you think – and it happens all over the rich world.

Snact wants to change these terrible habits. To this end, it has turned the  fruit surplus that would otherwise get dumped into healthy snack bars and fruit jerky.

Snact began life by collecting surplus fruit at London’s wholesale markets, making snacks in a kitchen in Hackney and selling the delicious fruit jerky at markets and events.

These wonderful fruit bars have proven popular and not just because they are tasty (although they are very tasty). No, they’re also packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit. They are vegan and gluten free. And they have zero added sugar or preservatives.

Can it get any better? Well, yes, of course it can. Snact’s concern for sustainability goes far beyond the basics of surplus fruit. It applies sustainable solutions to every aspect of its business and the rescue fruit it transforms is made locally.

The company’s slogan is ‘create more taste and less waste’. Who could possibly argue with that?

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