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About Us

If you’re in a business that needs an App testing and related Q&A, Testlio is the place to go. It has robust client services, a global network of expert testers, and a comprehensive software platform.

Testlio was founded in 2013 after Kristel (and Marko Kruustük) won a global hackathon (AngelHack). From here it was off to The Techstars Accelerator in Austin, where the Testlio product/service approach was fully professionalized.

By 2014 Testlio was serving clients, improving the product, expanding a global tester community, and growing.

Today Testlio is thriving and calls itself ‘a different kind of testing company’. It offers ‘burstable, on-demand testing only when you need it (very handy indeed). It covers any device, location, and language. And if you know your App testing lingo, it offers dozens of testing types likes regression, usability, functional, mobile, web and (of course) many, many more.

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