Kristel Kruustük

Kristel Kruustük

Founder and Chief Testing Officer of Testlio
San Francisco, USA
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If you’re in a business that needs an App testing, Testlio is the place to go. It has robust client services, a global network of expert testers, and a comprehensive software platform. But, here at Globally Spotted, if we ever need to test an App we’ll rock-up to Testlio because of the co-founder Kristel. Her story is forever inspiring.

Kristel arrived in London from Estonia and started work as a waitress. Then, just like thousands of newly minted Londoners have before her, she got interested in tech scene. She started studies in software development, bolted on an array of solid IT skills and then developed a thing for testing.

Testlio was founded in 2013 after Kristel (and Marko Kruustük) won a global hackathon (AngelHack). From here it was off to The Techstars Accelerator in Austin, where the Testlio product/service approach was fully professionalized.

By 2014 Testlio was serving clients, improving the product, expanding a global tester community, and growing. Today, the company has raised upwards of $8.5M and is financially solid. More importantly, Kristel is still Tester-in-Chief!

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How Software Testing Firm Testlio Transitioned To Its New Ceo
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How Software Testing Firm Testlio Transitioned To Its New Ceo

Back in 2017, Kristel Kruustük told us her inspiring story about starting her software testing company, Testlio.

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