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About Us

People are constantly monitoring and analysing the ingredients and components that go into so many of the products they use. Foods, clothes, toys, paints…you name it, someone has decided to check it and work to get a natural, organic alternative onto the market. Rather bizarrely, as the Yes Yes Company discovered, when it came to products for one’s intimate parts, there was nothing available for consumers that used natural and chemical-free ingredients. Reflect on that sentence. Weird, isn’t it?

The founders of Yes Yes chose to do something about this – in a big way. They have now created an amazing range of award-winning, natural intimacy products produced with thoughtfulness to take care of the bits us humans value most, and cherish the environment we depend upon.

They are the world’s first range of intimate washes, lubricants and vaginal moisturisers all certified organic by the Soil Association (UK). The group reckons that its wares, based on sound science and plant extracts, represent a new natural intimate care concept.

So, if you want to wave a dramatic good-bye to old synthetic chemical washes and all those lubricants and moisturisers stuffed with parabens and glycerine, check out their website.

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