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Dolly Singh

Founder & CEO of Thesis Couture
Los Angeles, USA
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In 2011, Dolly Singh was Director of Talent Acquisition for SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk. She hosted dozens of aspiring recruits each week and gave them a tour of the company’s main campus, which had nearly 1M square feet of space.

By 2011, she was clocking-up 3-4 miles of walking each day, almost always in high heels. One day, while beginning a factory tour, it struck her that given the brilliance all around her, maybe she could get some help to understand why her heels were such a pain.

In the 2 years that followed, she began to research the design and production of high heels. What she found was that high heels are a global industry worth more than $40bn each year, and yet high heels have been made much the same way for nearly a century.

As she says, ‘We spent almost 4 years developing and launching the first version of our technology which launched to rave reviews. Since then we have spent almost 2 years using customer feedback to further perfect our design’.

The shoes are astounding, a testament to her mission to empower the lifestyles of ambitious women through innovation and intelligent design.

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A Startup Tries to Make High Heels Less Painful
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The Wall Street Journal - Apr 30, 2018
A Startup Tries to Make High Heels Less Painful

A former SpaceX executive used high-tech techniques in an attempt to bring comfort to high fashion

Written by: Chana R. Schoenberger
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