Emily Forbes

Emily Forbes

Founder of Seenit
London, UK
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If you haven’t yet checked-out Seenit, do so immediately. Its a pioneering platform that allows individuals, businesses and organisations to produce videos via clever crowdsourcing. Those who want to make a video put up a detailed brief up on the App. Users are then encouraged to make videos that suit and upload the results. It’s a wonderful human first approach that significantly reduces the cost of video production and enables brands and organisations co-create videos in collaboration with employees, fans, customers and critics.

The genius behind it all is Emily Forbes. During the filming of a documentary, Emily joined a protest and saw the sheer amount of people using their phones to capture the moments. A storyteller at heart, Emily wanted a way to capture and share these authentic moments of passion that real people were collecting. Seenit is her solution. Of course it helped that she had a solid background in cinematography and film – and an insatiable hunger to build something that gives everyone a voice.

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Going It Alone – Seenit’s Boss On The Challenges Of Becoming A Sole Founder
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Forbes - Mar 30, 2018
Going It Alone – Seenit’s Boss On The Challenges Of Becoming A Sole Founder

Emily Forbes was living and working as a filmmaker in South Africa when she realized that passionate and compelling footage is not the sole preserve of the professionals.

Written by: Trevor Clawson
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