Franziska Reh

Franziska Reh

Co-Founder & CEO  of Unconventional Capital
Munich, Germany
Mini Bio

Franziska Reh is the CEO of Unconventional Capital (Uncap) – a fintech company, she co-founded with Elisabeth Mohr in 2019, which is on a mission to revolutionize access to seed funding for entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa, using a data-driven solution centred on humanizing and democratising the due diligence process. Franziska exudes the type of unassuming grace that would have you believe that this is a woman content with the way things are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Her achievements and background are instead a reflection of her drive and commitment to leaving the world a better and fairer place than how she found it. Through Uncap, she combines two of her passion arenas: finance and impact. She gained her financial expertise during a 5 year+ tenure at Deutsch Bank within private and commercial banking. She first uncovered her interest for impact while at Accenture where her work focused on the intersection of sustainability and tech as well as the impact that social and environmental issues have on the bottom-line. She continued her work on impact at The World Economic Forum, where she built and forged stakeholder relationships between the public and private sector, managing cross-sectoral projects. 

Starting Uncap has brought Franziska full circle in her pursuit for impact. She co-founded Uncap because she believes in equal opportunities, not equal outcomes. Because she wants to do her part in levelling the playing field for a subset of entrepreneurs less privy to access to capital. Franziska’s inspiring leadership style, solid track-record coupled with her passion for equality, for unlocking Africa’s human capital and her vision for revolutionizing a systemic problem rampant in the finance world, makes her, we believe, the best person to lead the change at Uncap!

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