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The commercial flower industry is a bit weird. Flowers last anywhere from 3-14 days. If you like flowers in your house, the hope is that they really will last up to two weeks. But quite a lot of flowers are bought for special events and occasions. These types of floral arrangements are expensive and frequent – many events around your town are ordering flowers for prime display at any given time.

The problem is that these event flowers are often discarded after just a few hours. This seems like a waste – financially and environmentally. The founder at Bloomerent, Danit Zamar, immediately saw problem when she was planning her own wedding – and the opportunity it threw her way.

Her thinking was quite simple – what if your event shares the flowers it orders with another event? This reduces waste, gives your blooms the longer life they deserve, and saves both parties money!

The result of it all is Bloomerent, a flower-sharing platform for event hosts. Bloomerent connects customers with florists in their area, allowing them to split the costs.

Here’s how it works? Host of ‘Event A’ orders floral arrangements with a curated florist on the Bloomerent platform. The florist lists the specific designs on the platform for the community to view and select. The host of ‘Event B’ sees the flowers displays being created and ‘opts in’ to Event A’s flowers – and off they go!

The florist does all delivery and pickup. They even clean and touch-up the bouquets so that they are as good as new for the sequential events. This even includes replacing wilted, broken, or missing flowers to ensure everyone’s a winner!

The whole business cycle is about ease of use, cost efficiency, and the sharing economy. All in an eco-friendly way.

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