Danit Zamir

Danit Zamir

Founder & CEO of Bloomerent
New York, USA
Mini Bio

After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism – and flirting briefly as an intern at Disney – Danit spent a year as a business analyst /development associate at SinglePlatform, a business that provides restaurants with an online platform to manage their digital presence (and grow their sales).

It’s likely that she picked-up solid commerical knowledge and online sales skills during this initial journey in 2012/2013, although much of the leadership, entrepreneurialism and business inspiration she has exhibited since then most certainly comes from within.

The brainwave for Bloomerent came from her wedding in 2014. Danit was thoroughly depressed to learn that the (very expensive!) flowers she had carefully chosen for her special day would be thrown away after a mere few hours use.  She was determined to do something about it and thus Bloomerent was born. It is, quite simply, the online network for connecting florists to eco-minded clients and promoting the reuse of flowers for all manner of events.

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Written by: Brooke Lea Foster
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