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Oslo, Norway
Ingvill Kerob
Ingvill Kerob
Founder & CEO  Repairable
It’s fair to say that Ingvill Kerob knows a thing or two about project management, having spent the best part of a decade working various project management roles for two of the world’s largest food groups (Nestle and Mondelez). She’…
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Helsinki, Finland
Katariina Rantanen
Katariina Rantanen
Founder & CEO CosmEthics
Katariina Rantanen, founder of CosmEthics, is an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven businesses that put mission and social purpose first. The company has built an application, which is free for consumers, to help make…
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London, UK
Ilana Taub
Ilana Taub
Co Founder Snact
From a very early age llana Taub was aware that there was an issue with the world around her, or rather more specifically, that our climate was in danger. Like any sane person, she thought that she should do something about it. Her first…
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Bergen ,Norway
Monica Vaksdal
Artificial Intelligance
Monica Vaksdal
Founder & CEO Think Outside
If Norway is ever able to reduce its reliance on oil and gas, it will have people like Monica Vaksdal to thank for the post-oil economy that might emerge. Monica is a trained geologist who has worked with the world’s leading oil…
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South Africa
Sarah Collins
Consumer products
Sarah Collins
Founder & CEO Wonderbag
A lifetime activist for change, Sarah Collins became aware of inequality at a very young age growing up in Natal, South Africa. She has since spent her life fighting for change – for Africa and the world – starting with…
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Florida, USA
Ann Christine Langselius
Consumer products
Ann Christine Langselius
Founder & Chairman Miraculum Fire
Ann-Christine Langselius has reinvented the way we protect our belongings from accidental fires. When she was young, Ann-Christine experienced a fire within her home when a toaster malfunctioned. While her mother was easily able to…
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Sophie Sellu
Art & Design
Sophie Sellu
Creator/Director Grain & Knot
Sophie Sellu is a woman with a love of art and creativity, but it is the ancient art of wood-workding that takes a central place in her life and her business. Funnily enough for a person who is categorically an expert now, Sophie didn…
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