Julia Römer

Julia Römer

Co-founder and CEO of Coolar
Berlin, Germany
Mini Bio

Julia Römer is a wonderful scientist who is changing the world of medical refrigeration in developing countries through application of a weird-sounding technology – ‘Cooling with Heat’.

Of course, to get to this point, she has put in a lot of hard work. Julia first secured a B.Sc. from the Technical University of Berlin. She followed-up this up with some serious study of entrepreneurship, climate innovation and business model development, before picking up a Masters in Industrial Engineering, again at Berlin.

Since January 2014 she has occupied a Research Assistant seat at Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons & Climate Change

In April 2014, Julia founded Coolar. This fantastic business has develop a superior electricity-free cooling system for medical fridges that is powered by warm water heated by solar panels. Without any batteries, gears, electrical components or rotating parts, the innovative design provides an economical solution for the storing of medicines and vaccines for isolated regions with unreliable or costly electricity. The product in ingenious. The benefits it provides are incalculable.

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Coolar: Using Solar Power To Stay Cool
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Tonik Energy - Jul 28, 2017
Coolar: Using Solar Power To Stay Cool

The sun has existed for 4.5 billion years, but we are only now reaching the cusp of a solar revolution. We are seeing a far wider range of applications for solar power than ever before, with businesses increasingly working towards a more sustainable future.

Written by: Tonik Energy
Julia Römer

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