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Tesix Wireless Tesix Wireless

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Testlio Testlio

If you’re in a business that needs an App testing and related Q&A, Testlio is the place to go. It has robust client services, a global network of expert testers,…

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The Food Corridor The Food Corridor

The Food Corridor’s mission is to be the world’s premier virtual food hub, enabling efficiency, growth, and innovation in local food systems. That’s the big business dream. But, we love…

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The Next Billion The Next Billion

We’re a for-profit, for-impact driven startup on a bold mission to raise the visibility of one billion women in business globally. Empowering the next billion women entrepreneurs, producers, manufacturers, business…

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Apparel & Fashion
Thesis Couture Thesis Couture

Thesis Couture makes high heel shoes – and you’re going to fall in love with them in a nano-second. Here’s why. In 2011, Thesis Couture founder Dolly Singh was Director…

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Think Outside Think Outside

Can technology from a dirty industry like oil exploration help skiers and local authorities save lives? Yes, of course it can. For the last 40 years a large portion of…

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