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Michell Mpike
Michell Mpike
Founder Inklusive books
The business Michell Mpike’s founded, Inklusive Books, has only been around since 2018, but it has excelled at lightspeed because of Michell’s passion and energy. She created Inklusive as a way to promote diversity in…
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Cicero, USA
Elena Favili
Elena Favili
Founder and Chief Creative Officer Rebel Girls
Elena Favili is one impressive half of a co-founding dream pair. A journalist, Elena struggled to find good characters that could be role models for girls in books and the media. When she couldn’t find any she decided to create some with…
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Maui, Hawai
Sara Smith
Consumer products
Sara Smith
Founder & CEO Wrappily
Sarah grew up in the printing industry (this is where we all say thanks to her Dad!) and her affinity for old fashion printing presses continued to grow during a decade spent working in the publishing industry. Apparently, she just…
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Oslo, Norway
Ida Eliassen-Coker
Ida Eliassen-Coker
Founder & Editor in Chief Altså Magazine
IDA ELIASSEN-COKER is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Norwegian magazine Altså. This is an amazing venture. It was founded because Ida wanted to write about a world where everyone feels safe and inspired to follow their own dreams…
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