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Asker, Norway
Kristil Erla Håland
Kristil Erla Håland
Founder JodaCare
Kristil Erla Håland combines compassion, entrepreneurship and boundless optimism in her business approach – exactly the right rollcall of skills that has enabled Jodacare to thrive in the health sector. She founded Jodacare after the…
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Venice, USA
Lauren Schulte
Lauren Schulte
CEO & Founder Flexfit
For many women around the globe, finding the right feminine products is not easy. Most women have to settle for what is on the market – forcing women everywhere to settle for something that is not quite right for them. Lauren…
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Berlin, Germany
Julia Römer
Julia Römer
Co-founder and CEO Coolar
Julia Römer is a wonderful scientist who is changing the world of medical refrigeration in developing countries through application of a weird-sounding technology – ‘Cooling with Heat’. Of course, to get to this point…
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Newport, USA
Emily Levy
Emily Levy
Founder & CEO Mighty Well
In 2017, only 2% of venture capital spending went to female-founded companies. Emily Levy, who leads Mighty Well, was one of those women, with investors to date including Breakaway Ventures, Tim Draper, and Republic. Emily has…
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