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Florida, USA
Ann Christine Langselius
Consumer products
Ann Christine Langselius
Founder & Chairman Miraculum Fire
Ann-Christine Langselius has reinvented the way we protect our belongings from accidental fires. When she was young, Ann-Christine experienced a fire within her home when a toaster malfunctioned. While her mother was easily able to…
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Anna Souvignier
Wellness & Fitness
Anna Souvignier
Co-Founder hejhej-mats
hejhej is the first closed-loop yoga brand. We are not only creating a full circle with our products but social and ecological value.Sophie Zepnik and I started to develop hejhej-mats during our Master Programme in Leadership for…
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Rogaland, Norway
Anne-Lise Heggland
Anne-Lise Heggland
CEO & Co Founder Podbike
In 2015, after working more than 20 years for global corporates, Anne-Lise decided to leave the “comfort zone” and start the entrepreneurial journey as co-founder of Podbike together with husband and Per Hassel Sørensen. Their goal…
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Antonia Saint Dunbar
Antonia Saint Dunbar
Co-Founder Thinx
Antonia ia serial entrepreneur. The focus of her companies are to provide much-needed solutions for women, and sustainable alternatives for the planet. With THINX, Inc., she created performance underwear, activewear and other reusable…
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Ashley Colpaart
Food catering
Ashley Colpaart
The Food Corridor
Ashley is the vibrant and inspirational founder of The Food Corridor.  This once unassuming venture is now the world’s largest platform connecting food entrepreneurs to rentable kitchen space. According to…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Assem Klammsteiner
Assem Klammsteiner
Owner Simply Soup
Assem is the creator of Simply Soup, and she is walking, talking, thriving testament to the theory that if you can’t find what you are looking for, build it yourself. After moving to Switzerland in 2010, soup enthusiast, Assem…
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San Francisco, USA
Augustina Sartori
Augmented Reality
Augustina Sartori
Founder & CEO GlamST
Agustina Sartori Odizzio is the CEO and Founder of GlamST, a Virtual Makeup Platform designed for beauty brands and retailers that allows women to try on makeup from anywhere, anytime. The technology can be embedded in mobile apps, e-…
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