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Adele Dejak
Adele Dejak
Owner & Creative Director Adele Dejak
Adèle is the founder and creative mind behind the African-inspired handmade fashion jewelry brand – Adèle Dejak. Aptly named after her. Her creations are handmade pieces of mastery made from repurposed materials such recycled…
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Villawood, Australia
Aheda Zanetti
Aheda Zanetti
Founder Ahiida
Now 38 and married with four children, Aheada talks often about growing up in an Australia that posed a lot of challenges for a young muslim/arab girl. As an active person, who liked to participate in community activities and sport, she…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Aike Festini
Logistics and Supply Chain
Aike Festini
Co Founder & CEO Luckabox
Yes, Aike is the Founder and CEO of LuckaBox. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s an experienced and ambitious business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry…
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London, UK
Alex Hely Hutchinson
Alex Hely Hutchinson
Founder 26 Grains
When Alex Hely-Hutchinson first launched 26 Grains, in Old Street Undergound station in London, there were many who doubted she would survive. For a start, her first base of operation was a murky tube station. The other worry was that what…
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United States
Alexandra Pittman
Alexandra Pittman
Founder & CEO ImpactMapper
Founder of ImpactMapper and AVP Global Consulting, Alexandra Pittman, has dedicated much of her life in providing a service to other passionate social justice and human rights changemakers. Alexandra helps diverse groups and individuals…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Alina Russ
Alina Russ
Founder Lola’s Vegan Kitchen
The history of Lola’s Vegan Kitchen is deeply intertwined with the personal dietary experiences of Alina Russ. After being diagnosed with both gluten and lactose intolerance, Alina struggled to enjoy any form of dessert and had almost…
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Oslo, Norway
Anette Miwa Dimmen
Apparel & Fashion
Anette Miwa Dimmen
Founder & CEO  AWAN 
Anette Miwa Dimmen is the entrepreneurial force behind the brand of women’s clothing, As We Are Now. Anette spotted a gap in the market for a lougewear clothing brand that caters for at-home fashion, home-office fashion and…
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