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Adele Dejak
Adele Dejak
Owner & Creative Director Adele Dejak
Adèle is the founder and creative mind behind the African-inspired handmade fashion jewelry brand – Adèle Dejak. Aptly named after her. Her creations are handmade pieces of mastery made from repurposed materials such recycled…
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Ontario, Canada
Chrissy Gow
Augmented Reality
Chrissy Gow
Founder AccesAR
Young, healthy, ambitious and successful – Chrissy Gow is an inspiration to young women everywhere. During the working day, though, she is the founder and CEO of social media & interactive augmented reality experts AccessAR…
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Sophie Sellu
Art & Design
Sophie Sellu
Creator/Director Grain & Knot
Sophie Sellu is a woman with a love of art and creativity, but it is the ancient art of wood-workding that takes a central place in her life and her business. Funnily enough for a person who is categorically an expert now, Sophie didn…
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Stockholm, Sweden
Lesley Pennington
Lesley Pennington
Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board Bemz
A Canadian newly transplanted to Stockholm, Lesley was keen to adopt the Swedish lifestyle and find a cottage by the water. When it came time to furnish her new abode, naturally she went to IKEA where she chose a white Tomelilla sofa…
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