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Gulnaz Khusainova
Apparel & Fashion
Gulnaz Khusainova
Easy Size
Gulnaz Khusainova is involved an amazing array of projects and businesses. Sometimes its hard to keep up, but its always easy to be impressed. She is the founder and CEO of Easysize, a super-smart e-commerce engine that is using…
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Cape Town, South Africa
Leah Bessa
Leah Bessa
Co-Founder Gourmet Grubb
Leah Bessa is a stirring South Africa woman who has taken a big step outside of many comfort zones when it comes to changing the world’s eating habits and saving the planet. Her plan is for all of us to eat more insects and she has…
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Mariam Jimoh
Mariam Jimoh
Mariam Jimoh came to prominence for many when she won the £10k top prize in 2019 from Conna Walker’s CBWOMEN4WOMEN fund. Her business – – is a simple and brilliant App service that brings together local, minority-owned…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Erin Chen
Erin Chen
Founder Gilly
Erin is an advocate for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living. She holds a Masters degree in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney. Erin is also the founder of Gilly, an intimacy wellness…
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South Africa
Sarah Collins
Consumer products
Sarah Collins
Founder & CEO Wonderbag
A lifetime activist for change, Sarah Collins became aware of inequality at a very young age growing up in Natal, South Africa. She has since spent her life fighting for change – for Africa and the world – starting with…
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Sophie Sellu
Art & Design
Sophie Sellu
Creator/Director Grain & Knot
Sophie Sellu is a woman with a love of art and creativity, but it is the ancient art of wood-workding that takes a central place in her life and her business. Funnily enough for a person who is categorically an expert now, Sophie didn…
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Paris, France
Julia Bijaoui
Julia Bijaoui
Co Founder & Co-CEO Frichti
Julia Bijaoui’s success at Frichti is hardly surprising as she has been excelling at everything she has turned her hand to these past 30 years. She undertook two years of intensive economics and maths tuituion to secure a place at the…
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