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Villawood, Australia
Aheda Zanetti
Aheda Zanetti
Founder Ahiida
Now 38 and married with four children, Aheada talks often about growing up in an Australia that posed a lot of challenges for a young muslim/arab girl. As an active person, who liked to participate in community activities and sport, she…
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Stockholm, Sweden
Liisa Smits
Liisa Smits
Founder & CEO Ignitia Weather
Liisa is the founder and CEO of Ignitia. When she first started Ignitia, she had one goal in mind – to develop a forecasting model that also worked in the tropics. Under the motto, “While the difficult takes time, the…
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San Francisco, USA
Holly Cardew
Holly Cardew
Founder Pixc
Holly founded Pixc to help eCommerce stores optimise their product content, increase their online sales and automate the repetitive tasks within their business. Holly has a background in building eCommerce stores, marketplaces, online…
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Toronto, Canada
Jessica Ching
Jessica Ching
Co Founder & CEO Eve Medical
Jessica is a Toronto-based Industrial Designer and Co-Founder of Eve Medical, a start-up dedicated to designing innovative, user-centered medical products aimed at the specific healthcare needs of women. My interest is in realizing…
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Oslo, Norway
Karen Dolva
Karen Dolva
Co Founder & CEO No Isolation
Karen is an entrepreneur and UX/interaction designer. She has startup experience from StartupLab, a tech-incubator in Oslo, and from co-founding a consultancy company, UX Lab, which aims to help companies with usability testing and…
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Accra, Ghana
Priscilla Hazel
Priscilla Hazel
Co Founder
Priscilla Hazel is a woman with passion, drive and a great spirit. She is not only an inspiration to work with, she is great fun too. Hardworking and unafraid of a challenge, Priscilla is a keen advocate for innovation in her businesses…
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San Fransisco, USA
Ran Ma
Ran Ma
Co Founder & CEO Siren
Ran Man is a Biomedical Engineer and entrepreneur, committed to reconciling the dual realms of bio-business and medicine. She has a special interest in the Scandinavian region with a focus in Heath-Care Consulting, Nordic-Asia Business…
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